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Austerity for Wall Street Bling

So, having sold the Greek people into debt-slavery to one private central bank, the Greek Government is now going to “solve” the problem by taxing the people to give to the bankers, then sell what the people already paid for with their taxes to private corporations, who will then turn around and rent what used to be the property of the people back to the people. And all the bankers needed was paper, ink, and a few corrupted politicians. 

The IMF is the mechanism for global slavery, using the trap of debt-based currency and corrupted politicians. It is NOT out of character for the head of the IMF to have treated that hotel maid the way he (supposedly) did. It is in fact the perfect expression of the mindset of the slave-owner.

"Austerity" is gov-speak for taking more money from you, and instead of using it to improve your life by building schools and hospitals, repairing roads and bridges, and generally improving the infrastructure, giving it to Wall Street to buy back those fraudulent mortgage-backed securities so that the Wall Street crooks who became fabulously wealthy with history’s greatest financial scam don’t have to use their own money to stay out of jail!

This is, of course, the hallmark of a fascist economic state. Profits are kept private, but losses are socialized across the general population.

As long as you sit there and go along with it, the future will be a continuation of the looting of the American people for the benefit of Wall Street (and Israel).

The irony here is that you accepting a lower standard of living will not actually save the economy or for that matter reduce the debt. The entire monetary system imposed on the nation by the privately-owned Federal Reserve is based on debt. All currency in circulation is the result of a loan from that private central bank as as Americans work to reduce their debt the government must increase its borrowing (on your behalf, without your permission, and with the demand that you eventually pay it back in taxes) in order to keep currency in circulation.

So all this “austerity” and “sacrifice” will not actually solve the economic problems of this nation, but will instead simple shift the pain of the disaster from those who caused crash onto those who had nothing whatsoever to do with it.

As long as you go along with it.

But the people of Iceland did not go along with it. They tossed their crooked bankers in prison and fired the government that helped those bankers loot the people. More recently they rebuffed yet another effort by the bankers to trick them into paying the costs of the scam, and threatened to exclude Iceland from the EU if they did not. The people of Iceland, well aware that globalism is why the Wall Street scam ruined the Icelandic banks, do not want to be in the EU anyway and told the banks to go jump in Eyjafjallajökull!

Down in Egypt, the constant pressure for “austerity” and “sacrifice” demanded of the Egyptian people by Mubarak as he sold Egypt’s natural gas to Israel at below market prices was a key factor in their revolution (as it was in Cuba’s revolution against US puppet Batista). Although now hijacked by US and Israel interests, the revolutions in Yemen, Morocco, and Libya, etc. sprang out of a refusal by the people to continue to make do with less so that the rich could have more. "Austerity" demands led to riots in many nations such as Greece.

The question is, when will it happen in the US? When will Americans regain their right to say “no?” When will Americans remember they are supposed to be a free people, not merely the serfs of the banking class? When will Americans realize that although they are told they are civilized, they are in fact merely domesticated?

When will Americans realize that the rest of the world is laughing at us for hallucinating we are the land of the free and the home of the brave even as our children’s futures are sold for Wall Street’s bling?